Federal Money Module

What You Will Learn

You will learn how the Federal Government requests and receives an annual budget and the contracting process needed for them to purchase your product. Course topics include:
Federal Budget Cycle
Understand the Federal Government's annual budget cycle and ramifications to your company's overall revenue 
Types of Money
Understand terms for various types of appropriated and authorized federal monies 
Federal Buying Cycle
Understand Federal customer buying cycles 
Alignment of Money
Understanding the importance of aligning the closure of a Federal opportunity 
Tactical vs Strategic Money
Learn the difference between current year and multi-year selling approaches 
Behind the Curtain: Contracting Shop
Understand the Federal customer's process of procuring goods and services 
Learn everything from how your Federal customer purchases products like yours to the specific tactics you can employ to hit your numbers and how continuing resolution and government shutdowns affect your revenue.

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Why You Need To Know The Federal Budget Cycle

Understand How Money Flows From Your Federal Customer To Your Bank Account

This module of our Federal Sales Certification Training provides an overview and understanding of how the Federal market plans for, receives, and spends their annual budget.

Every sales person wants to know how to sell more to increase their commission. This module provides key insight into how money flows from the Federal Customer to Federal contract vehicle to Federal reseller to Original Equipment Manufacturer and then finally to you. 

Questions Answered in Class

Do You Really Understand How Money Flows in the Federal Market?

What agencies are not affected by a continuing resolution?

There are many Federal agencies that do not depend on the Federal Government to pass a budget. They are either funded in other manners or self-funded. Such agencies include:

  • NAS
  • CIA
  • Amtrak
  • United States Postal Service
  • United States Navy Recruiting Command
What are the appropriations types?

The Appropriations Act specifies an amount of funding in each appropriation (fund) account of an agency. Types of appropriations include:

  • One-year
  • Multi-year
  • No-year
  • Unexpired
  • Expired
  • Definite
  • Indefinite
  • Permanent
  • Current
What is the difference between an appropriations bill and an authorization bill?
An appropriations bill provides the legal authority needed to spend or obligate U.S. Treasury funds. An authorization bill provides the authority for a program or agency to exist and determines its policy and structure.
What Is the Color of Money?

The term "Color of Money" is used in the DoD to refer to an appropriation category for a DoD financial account. Categories include:

  • Research, Development, Test & Evaluations (RDT&E)
  • Procurement
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Military Personnel (MILPERS)
  • Military Construction (MILCON)
What are the steps in the Federal customer buying cycle?
  1. Needs, requirements, and pains
  2. Technical presentations, demonstrations
  3. Proof of concept
  4. Statement of work
  5. Preliminary quotes
  6. Funding
  7. Acquisition
  8. Award
  9. Purchase order
Planning & Execution

What's Next?

After you have completed the Territory & Money Modules of the Federal Sales Certification Training course, the next step is the Planning Module. 

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