Tailored Coaching to Grow Your Territory Pipeline and Revenue

Training Aligned with Your Processes and Sales Methodologies

At Sanctum Federal, we customize one-on-one coaching to help your organization meet its specific revenue goals.

What to Expect

What You Can Expect from a One-on-One Coaching Experience

When your organization signs up for customized one-on-one Federal sales coaching session, we work alongside you to build a coaching experience that fits your requirements and goals. Coaching sessions provide a tactical complement to our Federal Sales Certification Training and are designed to provide you with specific steps to help build and grow your Federal sales practice.

Your custom 1:1 session can address topics related to your Federal territory, channel strategy, and more.

Why 1:1 Coaching

Specific Methodology Alongside a Customized Analysis

Our team considers your specific territory and analyzes your marketing plan to develop an understanding of how you will address your market, define your territory, and accomplish your goals. Over your coaching session, we'll work with you to build the objectives, tactics, and strategies that will allow you to execute your plan.

We also work with leading Federal salespeople to pinpoint and accelerate their level of success or coach those who are struggling, helping them by creating a custom strategy for improvement.

Partner Strategy

Federal Partner Coaching Session

We can help ease the burden of standing up and growing a successful partner program by offering you tactical guidance in a 1:1 coaching session. During a coaching session we can dive into:
  • Partner Strategy & Partner Agreement Strategy
  • Partner Framework
  • Partner Requirements & Registrations
  • Joint Marketing Efforts
We have supported dozens of Federal resellers & OEMs through their Federal sales journeys and can leverage our extensive experience to provide you direct and tactical solutions to your Federal partner questions and roadblocks.

Successful Federal Resellers & OEMs All Invest in Their Partner Strategy

Territory Planning

Federal Territory Coaching Session

The Federal market is huge. This coaching session helps you focus on what matters most to your bottom line.

We can help you look at your Federal sales territory and whitespace from a new perspective and provide you tactical ideas for growing your Federal business.

We have guided hundreds of Federal sales professionals through understanding their Federal sales territory and whitespace to find the best leads fast, and our Federal territory coaching session can help you too.

Coaching sessions can explore:

Developing your territory marketing plan
Territory development techniques
Territory planning activities
Effectively leveraging online tools to locate customers & develop whitespace
Qualifying leads

Meet the Instructor

I have managed and built both commercial and Federal sales organizations throughout my 25 years in this business. I served in the U.S. Navy for approximately 6 years with time at sea. In the following years, I began my sales career. It has been quite the journey from a pre-sales engineering role to Executive Director of Commercial Sales and then selling exclusively to the Federal market through start-up companies.

This is where I developed my strategy, methodology, and processes for building a Federal sales practice with mostly cybersecurity products and services. Additionally, I served as a VP of Business Development, Sales and Marketing at a System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contractor and as a reseller. Throughout this journey, my true passion has been in direct sales to my customers. Because of my and varied and valuable experience, I have a well-rounded and successful approach to Federal sales.

Throughout my career, I was able to generate millions of dollars in revenue with those companies that committed and participated in the methodology I created and that is now being taught through the Federal Sales Certification Training.


Kevin Mahoney

Sanctum Federal Founder & CEO

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