Visualize Your Total Addressable Market

How to Map Your Total Addressable Market for Federal Sales

A valuable Federally-focused territory sales plan allows you to see opportunities for growth at a quick glance. To do this, your plan should include:

1. A detailed listing of ALL Federal Government agencies and offices you could potentially sell into

2. Contact information pertaining to the Federal customer

3. Associated Federal reseller and contract vehicles used for purchasing

4. A color-coded system to distinguish between office/agencies that are current/pipeline customers and those that have not been prospected yet

5. Documentation of ALL opportunities past, present, and future not just the ones you, as an individual sales rep, actively prospected or sold

You can add this data into our Territory Planning Tool to better visualize your total addressable market!

Using the Territory Planning Tool

Learn how to use our TPT in our OnDemand Federal Sales Certification Training or through a 1:1 coaching session.

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