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Get New Hires Up To Speed Faster Than Ever

Our Program Is Designed To Get Your New Federal Sales Reps Closing Deals In As Little As 30 Days

12-18 months is the typical amount of time it takes for a new Federal Sales hire to become operational. For a business, that is a long time to wait for revenue. For a sales rep, that is a long time to wait for commission checks. 

We designed our New Hire / New To Federal Market Enablement Pathway to shorten that time. Whether you are choosing this path as an investment in yourself or in your team, both company and rep will win. 

Want to incorporate this pathway into your own onboarding process? 

We can help! We have found with several companies this is an ideal add-on to your organization's existing programs for getting new hires up to speed.

New Hire Training Pathway

A Beginner's Guide: New To Federal Sales

This is the training process we developed to significantly reduce the time it takes a new hire to begin producing product revenue in the Federal Market. 
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Curious What You Will Learn In Our New Hire Training Pathway?

Here are all 4 training courses (Instructor-Led and OnDemand) and 2 coaching sessions included in the New Hire Pathway with links so you can dive into the objectives more in-depth. 

Federal Sales 101 Fundamentals

OnDemand Federal Sales Fundamentals 101

The first step in this training pathway is to help you understand the Federal Market. We recommend you start with our Federal Sales Fundamentals 101 OnDemand course. Go through this course at your own pace and on your own timeline to learn how the Federal Market operates.
Federal Sales Enablement

OnDemand Federal Sales Enablement Resources

Once you have gained some knowledge around the Federal Market, dive into your KevinFederal subscription to dive into the topics deeper. This resource includes links to all of the topics addressed in the OnDemand course including producte certifications, business essentials and more. Additionally, your subscription access includes Access to Methodology Worksheets,
Territory Planning Tool Tips, Tricks and Lessons, Federal Government Acronym lookup tool and more. 

FSCT Training

Instructor-Led Federal Sales Certification Training

We don't recommend jumping into this step right away. Take some time to apply the knowledge you learned and gain some experience talking to Federal Customers and managing deals, then after about 8 months enroll in the instructor-led course. Attending the live online course allows you to network and learn from other Federal sales reps and ask questions in real time with our course instructor, Kevin Mahoney, who has 20+ years of Federal sales success. 

Coaching Session SF (2)

Territory, Plan & Execution Coaching Session

Shortly after completing the instructor-led course, we recommend either a 1:1 or group territory, plan and execution coaching session. This session allows you to bring your actual territories to the team to discuss ways to penetrate the account, breakdown your whitespace and more.

Sanctum Federal Annual Updates

OnDemand Annual Updates Course

New Version Launching Soon 

The Federal Government is constantly changing, so we recommend enrolling in our Annual Updates course. This course is only 2 hours and covers major changes to how the Federal Government procures products so you can be better prepared.

Coaching Session SF (2)

Targeted Deal Coaching Session

Finally, we recommend signing up annually for either a 1:1 or group targeted deal coaching session. This time is spent by bringing your actual deals to the team to discuss what you could to do to increase the opportunity amount, bring them to close faster or any other ways to improve your Federal sales performance. 

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