Course Overview

What's Covered in the Federal Sales Certification Training?

There are 4 key elements to success in the Federal market: time, money, process and technology. We teach these elements and how to apply them to increase your pipeline.

Your Instructor

Sanctum Federal Founder & CEO, Kevin Mahoney, has managed and built both commercial and Federal sales organizations throughout his 25 years in this business. He served in the U.S. Navy for approximately 6 years, with time at sea. In the following years, he began his sales career. It has been quite the journey from a pre-sales engineering role to Executive Director of Commercial Sales and then selling exclusively to the Federal market through start-up companies.

This is where Kevin developed his strategy, methodology, and processes for building a Federal sales practice with mostly cybersecurity products and services. Additionally, he served as a VP of Business Development, Sales, and Marketing at a System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contractor and as a reseller. Throughout this journey, his true passion remained in direct sales to customers. Because of his varied and valuable experience, Kevin has a well-rounded and successful approach to Federal sales.

Throughout his career, Kevin generated millions of dollars in revenue with those companies that committed and participated in the methodology he created and that is now taught through the Federal Sales Certification Training.


Kevin Mahoney

Sanctum Federal Founder & CEO

OnDemand Training

About the OnDemand Federal Sales Certification Training

The flexible way for Federal salespeople to gain actionable knowledge and tools to build their territory plan and close revenue in the Federal market.
Our Methodology

Increase your pipeline by 20% by training and focusing your inside sales teams on four areas:

1. The Federal territory

2. The Federal money

3. How to build a Federal pipeline plan

4. How to execute that plan

How the US Federal Government operates and Federal salespeople view the market to sell and close business in their territory.
Regulations your Federal salespeople need to aware of.
Understand and navigate the many components of the Federal customer to build a successful revenue pipeline and close opportunities.
An annual process that the Federal salesperson needs to understand, from the budget being passed to a continuing resolution.
The single entity in the sales process without access to obtain status to close their opportunities.
Processes and activities to build a territory plan, find a target audience, and close Federal revenue.
Instructor-Led Training

About Instructor-Led Federal Sales Certification Training

Support to build, track, and execute a Federal territory plan to efficiently develop a product pipeline and revenue stream. Available virtually and on-site. You can customize content to fit your organization's unique needs.

Upcoming Instructor-Led Training

January 12-15, 2023

Instructor-Led Training

Thursday, Jan 19th - 9 AM – 5 PM EDT
Friday, Jan 20th 9 AM – 1 PM EDT

Class is led by a live instructor via WebEx. Books will be shipped to you. Upon completion you will receive a Federal Sales Certification.
February 23-24, 2023

Instructor-Led Training

Thursday, Feb 23rd - 9 AM – 5 PM EDT
Friday, Feb 24th 9 AM – 1 PM EDT
Class is led by a live instructor via WebEx. Books will be shipped to you. Upon completion you will receive a Federal Sales Certification.
March 23-24, 2023

Instructor-Led Training

Thursday, March 23rd - 9 AM – 5 PM EDT
Friday, March 24th 9 AM – 1 PM EDT
Class is led by a live instructor via WebEx. Books will be shipped to you. Upon completion you will receive a Federal Sales Certification.
Frequently Asked Questions

Federal Sales Certification
Training FAQs

What type of Federal sales is this training geared towards?
The Federal Sales Certification Training course is designed for both Original Equipment Manufacturers and Federal Resellers.
How do I know if I can benefit from this training?
    • Have you ever closed a multi-million-dollar product sale to a Federal customer?
    • Have you ever had a six-figure commission check?
    • Do you know how to develop a Federal sales plan that will actually generate leads?
    • Do you know how the Federal budget works and its ramifications to your forecast?
    • Do you know your Federal territory total addressable market?

If you said no to any of these questions, you should take our Federal Sales Certification Training. It will provide you a proven methodology and framework to develop a Federal revenue pipeline from organic lead generation to closing large Federal revenue opportunities.

I have over 20 years of experience selling to the Federal Government, does this course still make sense for me?
Yes! This training has benefited seasoned Federal sales professionals and new Federal sales professionals alike.
What is the cost of this course?
The Federal Sales Certification Training Course cost depends on a number of variables. Please submit a request to learn more here.
Are there any discounts?
Groups of more than 5 students may be able to receive a group training promotion. To see if you qualify, contact our team at 703-688-2437.
What is a Federal Sales Certificate?
The Federal Sales Certification is a validation that you have attained specific knowledge and competency for selling product to the Federal market. It prepares you and provides you with a methodology for successfully building pipeline and closing revenue in the Federal market.