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The Only Federal Sales Certification On The Market

The Federal Sales Certification Training course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a better Federal Sales professional.  It is may be delivered virtually, in-person, or using a hybrid approach.  Whether you are new to Federal Sales or have spent years selling to the Federal Government, this course offers you the tools and techniques you need to sell more. 

This class will instruct the student how to use a continually refined, Federal Sales methodology. This methodology has helped companies generate millions of dollars in revenue from a Federal customer base and it is centered on four key areas: territory, money, plan and execution. 

This course will empower you with the knowledge necessary to succeed in this market immediately. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to build and execute a federal sales plan, so that companies and Federal territory managers can crush their annual sales plan and goal.

“This focused Federal sales training helped develop the new tools and methods needed for hunting today’s Federal opportunities. Sanctum Federal has provided our Federal sales organization a roadmap to success,”

- John M, GM of DoD Sales, Iron Bow

Federal Sales Certification Course Overview

Success in the Federal Market requires the investment of 4 key resources: time, money, process and technology. This investment combined with the proven methodology of territory, money, plan and execution has the potential to generate millions of dollars for your organization.


Provides overview and understanding of how the Federal market operates and procures goods and services.


Provides comprehensive knowledge of the flow of money through the Government’s procurement processes.


Provides the salesperson with the necessary tools to systematically and methodically build a Federal business / territory plan.


Provides the tools and techniques to quickly and effectively execute your new Federal territory plan and start building your pipeline immediately.

Federal Sales Course Outline


  • Introduction into the Federal Government
  • Breakdown of the Federal Market
  • Federal Capital Planning
  • Federal Speak
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • Federal Product Certifications
  • Bring it Together


  • State of the Federal Plan
  • Total Addressable Market
  • Marketing Plan
  • Channel or Original Equipment Manufacturing Plan
  • Build Your Plan
  • Plan Your Alignment To Close


  • Federal Budget Cycle
  • Color of Money
  • Federal Buying Cycle
  • Alignment of Money
  • Tactical vs Strategic Money
  • Behind the Curtain: Contracting Shop



  • Federal Business Essentials
  • Generating Leads
  • Qualifying Leads
  • Summation of Course

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What's Included?

This Federal Sales Certification Training Course Includes:

  • Instructor-Led Training (Either In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid)
  • Student Guide 
  • Quizzes and Hands-on Sales Activities
  • Real-world Federal Sales and Management Case Studies 
  • Project-Based Teaching and Coaching On How To Build and Execute a Federal Sales Plan
  • FREE Registration to Additional Federal Sales Resources From KevinFederal.com
  • Certificate of Completion for up to 16 CEUs/CPEs


Kevin Mahoney

I have managed and built both commercial and Federal sales organizations throughout my twenty-five years in this business. I served in the U.S. Navy for approximately six years with time at sea. In the following years, I began my sales career. It has been quite the journey from pre-sales engineering role to Executive Director of Commercial Sales and then began selling exclusively to the Federal market with start-ups companies.

This is where I developed my strategy, methodology and processes for building a Federal sales practice with mostly cybersecurity products and services.  Additionally, I served as a VP of Business Development, Sales and Marketing at a System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contractor and a reseller. Throughout this journey though, my true passion is in direct sales to my customers. Since I was at all these different types of job functions I have a well rounded thought process of building the Federal sales practice.

Throughout my career, I was able to generate millions of dollars in revenue with those companies that commit and participate in the methodology I created and is now taught through the Federal Sales Certification Training program.

Federal Sales Certification Training FAQs

The Federal Sales Certification Training course is designed for both Original Equipment Manufacturers and Federal Resellers.

  • Have you ever closed a multi-million-dollar product sale to a Federal customer?
  • Have you ever had a six-figure commission check?
  • Do you know how to develop a Federal sales plan that will actually generate leads?
  • Do you know how the Federal budget works and its ramifications to your forecast?
  • Do you know your Federal territory total addressable market?

If you said no to any of these questions, you should take our Federal Sales Certification Training. It will provide you a proven methodology and framework to develop a Federal revenue pipeline from organic lead generation to closing large Federal revenue opportunities.

Yes! This training has benefited seasoned Federal Sales Professionals and new to Federal Sales Professionals alike. 

The Federal Sales Certification Training Course cost depends on a number of variables.  Please submit a request to learn more here.

Groups of more than 5 students may be able to receive a group training promotion. To see if you qualify, contact our team at 703-688-2437.

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