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One-on-one tactical coaching on quickly managing and executing either the territory, reseller relationship, or marketing of your Federal Sales Business Plan.

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I have managed and built both commercial and Federal sales organizations throughout my 25 years in this business. I served in the U.S. Navy for approximately 6 years with time at sea. In the following years, I began my sales career. It has been quite the journey from a pre-sales engineering role to Executive Director of Commercial Sales and then selling exclusively to the Federal market through start-up companies.

This is where I developed my strategy, methodology, and processes for building a Federal sales practice with mostly cybersecurity products and services. Additionally, I served as a VP of Business Development, Sales and Marketing at a System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contractor and as a reseller. Throughout this journey, my true passion has been in direct sales to my customers.
Because of my and varied and valuable experience, I have a well-rounded and successful approach to Federal sales.

Throughout my career, I was able to generate millions of dollars in revenue with those companies that committed and participated in the methodology I created and that is now being taught through the Federal Sales Certification Training.


Kevin Mahoney

Sanctum Federal Founder & CEO

Consulting & Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

How can coaching help my Federal sales team?
Our one-on-one coaching helps individual Federal territory managers develop their specific territory plan to achieve stated corporate annual sales quota from the Federal market. 
What does the coaching session consist of?
  1. Goal setting 

  2. Territory Plan Methodology 

  3. Marketing Plan Techniques 

  4. Checklist Accountability

  5. Customer Centric Product Strategies

  6. Executing the Methodology, Techniques and Strategies to achieve stated GOALS. 

How long is the one-on-one coaching session?

These one-on-one are four-hours in length.

What is Federal Sales Coaching?
Federal sales coaching is a process of developing people to reach their next level of excellence and performance by helping them master skills and overcome obstacles to success. Coaching is a critical component of continuous improvement.