Understanding the Federal Market – Your Territory

Get to Know Your Federal Customer

You will learn how the Federal Government operates so you can effectively sell your products in the Federal market. Course topics include:
  • Total Addressable Market - Your Territory
  • Federal Capital Planning
  • Federal Speak
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • Federal Product Certifications
Learn the beginning phases of your Federal territory planning to the specific regulations and certifications they require to purchase your product.
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Learn more about how the Federal Government operates and how your addressable market to sell products like yours in our OnDemand course module.


Learn how organizations apply the knowledge learned in our Federal Sales Certification Training.

I've sold to Federal Government customers for years and I still learned new things about the government's structure and process for purchasing products like mine through this course.
I love how the course offers a heavy focus on how to sell products, especially IT products, to the Federal Government. This class provides details into the specific legislation, funding procedures, and product certifications needed to effectively present a product solution to the Federal customer in a way that they can buy it.
Every company I work for I send my team through this course. Whether a rep is brand new to selling to the Federal Government or has been selling to the market for years, every person I have sent has learned something new about the Federal Government and how to sell products to the Federal customer.

Preview Our OnDemand Federal Territory Module

This module of our Federal Sales Certification Training provides an overview and understanding of how the Federal market operates, and how to view your territory.

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Let’s Talk Federal: The Twisted Federal Speak

“We need your product to go through ISEC to get a RMF and ATO using the DISA STIGs to validate that it is compliant with our requirements. We also added your solution to our POM and plan to use a GWAC IDIQ like SEWP V or ITES for procurement.”

One of the first things you will likely observe in Federal sales is that the Federal Government loves a good acronym. In this module of the Federal Sales Certification Training, we dive into Federal speak so you can start learning the same language as your Federal customer. In our experience, if you don't understand what your customer is saying to you, you won't understand what needs to be done to close revenue.

Learning Federal speak will help:

  • Guide your marketing efforts
  • Communicate with your Federal customer
  • Communicate with your company
  • Document certifications
  • Understand the customer requirements
  • Understand locations
This module will not only give you the knowledge you need to speak Federal but also provide the larger context of the Federal market that you need to navigate to sell your products.
Questions Answered in Class

Do You Really Understand the Federal Market and Addressable Market?

Who is the largest Federal customer?
The Executive Branch has 15 major departments and agencies including civilian and defense. The IT budget for the Executive Branch is in the billions every year.
Who can obligate U.S. Government funding?

Federal laws and regulations are very clear: Only a contracting officer can purchase goods or services, or contract for them on behalf of the government. Without a warrant as a contracting officer, issued by an authorized government official, an individual cannot commit the government. If they do, they are in effect establishing a personal commitment and possibly personal financial liability for the action.

Who is the Federal customer?

Though the Federal Government is divided into three branches, a salesperson should view this market as divided into four submarkets:

  • Department of Defense
  • Civilian Departments and Agencies
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Federal System Integrators
Which IT investments need an OMB Section 300?
All planned and actual IT spending, except for national security information systems, needs to be accounted for in a Section 300. For major IT investments, complete the entire Section 300, selecting Part II, Part III, or Part IV depending on whether the investment is under development, instead state, or is part of the e-Gov effort.
Why does the Federal Government need product certifications?

U.S. and International Governments are now mandating security certifications for products they are integrating into the technology infrastructure. Theses certifications:

  • Defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks
  • Meet government mandates for security
  • Achieve compliance to better alleviate risk
  • Address the concern of security breaches and data loss