Federal Territory Module

What You Will Learn

You will learn the importance of how the Federal market operates and the nuances of how to better communicate with the Federal customer, rules that apply to the Federal market, critical product certifications and much more. Course topics include:
Introduction to the Federal Government
This is a high-level overview of the Federal Government operational composition and components while viewing how a Federal Sales market can be composed. 
Breakdown of the Federal Market
Understanding the Federal Sales Market 
Federal Capital Planning
Understand the Federal Government’s tracking, monitoring, and modernization of IT assets 
Federal Speak
Understanding Federal Government Terminology 
Federal Acquisitions Regulations
Understand how to find the FARs and learn key points of the FARs that pertinent to you successfully working with the Federal Market. 
Federal Product Certifications
Understanding Federal product certifications, costs, and time frames 
Bringing It Together
Recap the most important information of the last 6 sections 
Learn the beginning phases of your Federal territory planning to the specific regulations and certifications they require to purchase your product.
Reseller Coaching

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Why You Need To Know Your Territory

Successful Federal Sales Reps Understand Their Territory & Whitespace

By understanding your Federal territory, you can easily locate agencies and the departments within those agencies that:

  • Are unaffected by Federal Government shutdowns and continuing resolutions
  • Face similar product requirements to your existing customers
  • Use similar Federal speak and purchasing process to your existing customers & more

All this knowledge, allows you to quickly sell your product to new Federal customers and pivot when the unpredictability of the Federal Market comes into play.

Questions Answered in Class

Do You Really Understand the Federal Market and Addressable Market?

Who is the largest Federal customer?
The Executive Branch has 15 major departments and agencies including civilian and defense. The IT budget for the Executive Branch is in the billions every year.
Who can obligate U.S. Government funding?

Federal laws and regulations are very clear: Only a contracting officer can purchase goods or services, or contract for them on behalf of the government. Without a warrant as a contracting officer, issued by an authorized government official, an individual cannot commit the government. If they do, they are in effect establishing a personal commitment and possibly personal financial liability for the action.

Who is the Federal customer?

Though the Federal Government is divided into three branches, a salesperson should view this market as divided into four submarkets:

  • Department of Defense
  • Civilian Departments and Agencies
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Federal System Integrators
Which IT investments need an OMB Section 300?
All planned and actual IT spending, except for national security information systems, needs to be accounted for in a Section 300. For major IT investments, complete the entire Section 300, selecting Part II, Part III, or Part IV depending on whether the investment is under development, instead state, or is part of the e-Gov effort.
Why does the Federal Government need product certifications?

U.S. and International Governments are now mandating security certifications for products they are integrating into the technology infrastructure. Theses certifications:

  • Defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks
  • Meet government mandates for security
  • Achieve compliance to better alleviate risk
  • Address the concern of security breaches and data loss
Money, Planning & Execution

What's Next?

After you have completed the Territory Module of the Federal Sales Certification Training course, the next step is the Money Module. 

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