Federal Execution Module

What You Will Learn

You completed your research, understand your whitespace and developed your Federal strategy; the only thing left to do is execute your plan. This module will take everything that you have learned so far and teach you how to put it into action! Topics include:
Federal Business Essentials
Know the business essentials for selling into the Federal Market 
Generating Leads
Understand the process of developing and generating Federal leads 
Qualifying Leads
Understand the importance of qualifying a lead to create an opportunity 
Summation of Course
Provide a proven methodology to plan, build and execute a Federal Sales Territory Plan 
Supplemental Activity Guide
These activities provide a step-by-step process for students to use to develop a Federal Territory Plan using the methodology presented in our training. This guide assists in building and executing both your strategical and tactical plan.  
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Learn more how to start putting your Federal sales plan into action quickly so you can generate more revenue from the Federal market.

How To Execute Your Federal Sales Plan

Learn How To Transform Your Plan Into Revenue-Generating Action

This module of our Federal Sales Certification Training brings everything together into an action-oriented segment. Gain the tactical insight you need to:  

  • Create an effective Territory Sales Plan Template
  • Generate new leads using free and paid tools based on your whitespace
  • Qualify those leads to close more business from the Federal Government

Ultimately, this module provides real-world execution exercises to successfully build a federal sales pipeline with customers and opportunities.  

Questions Answered in Class

Are You Driving Federal Sales Opportunities Efficiently?

How do you build a Federal territory plan?
We actually have an entire guide on how to build out your Federal territory plan.

It is a long but worthwhile read that outlines each of the elements we analyze, questions we ask as we digest the data, and the brainstorming framework that goes into developing the best path forward. You can read the guide here.
What job functions need to be involved in the Federal sales initiative?
The Federal sales role requires a lot of support, and you need your entire Federal team on board to reach the highest level of success. Specifically, your team should include:
  • Inside sales
  • Outside sales
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Executive team
  • Partners
What are the Federal business essentials?
At some point in every Federal sales process, you will need to provide some, if not all, of these codes to your Federal customer:
  • CAGE
  • FSC
  • UEI
  • SAM
What tools are available for locating Federal sales prospects?
You can find potential prospects through government sites such as SAM.gov or an agency's website, especially through their organizational charts. You can also use commercial sites such as LinkedIn and Seamless.AI to find potential government contacts.

Learn more about finding contacts and potentials Federal sales opportunities in this guide.
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After you have completed the Territory, Money, Planning & Execution Modules of the Federal Sales Certification Training course, the next step is to join the KevinFederal Sales Community. 

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  • Alignment to Close Checklist
  • Sales Lifecycle
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  • Procurement Relationship Map
  • Executing your Documented Plan
  • IT Certifications

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