Federal Sales Certification Training

Sanctum Federal offers the only product focused Federal sales training. Our curriculum is tailored to provide Federal sales personnel a clear methodology to quickly build and execute a Federal sales territory plan. The Federal Sales Certification Training course is composed of four modules including:

  1. The Territory: Federal territory alignment strategies
  2. The Money: Provides comprehensive understanding of customer requirements and money into your bank account.
  3. The Plan: Empowers you to systematically and methodically build a Federal business / territory plan.
  4. Execution: How to quickly and effectively execute your new Federal business / territory plan.

    You will see an immediate impact

What to expect:

  • Two or three days of comprehensive teaching and coaching on how to build and execute a Federal sales plan
  • Instructor with 26 years of real-world Federal sales and management experience
  • Quizzes and workshop activities for each section and module.
  • At the conclusion of the training each student will be provided our Federal Sales Certificate

Two day course includes the following modules: Territory and Money

One day course includes the following modules: Plan and Execution (must have previously taken the two day course)

Three day course includes the following modules: Territory, Money, Plan and Execution.


Sanctum Federal has developed a proven Federal Sales methodology that encompasses every aspect of selling and closing business in the Federal market. By implementing our Federal business plan, our customers are generating millions of dollars of revenue annually. With our methodology we provide an understanding and a path to secure revenue from the Federal customer.




By fully understanding every aspect of the Federal Government and how this customer base buys information technology and related services. Our systematic and methodic process is straight forward. The Federal market has many intricacies that are not fully apparent to a commercial company entering this market. Sanctum Federal can fully execute the custom developed Federal business plan to engage and operationalize a successful Federal practice for our customers.

Here are the services that we provide companies that want to be successful:

Federal Sales Plan

Using our proven methodology, we build a custom sales plan for each customer


Federal Contracts

We align your company with the correct Federal Procurement Strategies


Hiring Your Federal Team

We assist companies in hiring the right team for the right reason

Federal Marketing

We assist in developing the correct messaging to your Federal customer

Federal Partner Strategy

We assist in aligning the Customer to the Federal Contract to the correct Federal Partner


Federal Product Certifications

We assist in obtaining the correct Federal product certifications


“Kevin Mahoney has assisted me with building a highly successful Federal business for two past companies that I have been associated. Sanctum Federal is now assisting my current company – NormShield CyberSecurity – build and operationalize my Federal Sales market. With their proven Federal sales methodology, I know our partnership will be highly successful as well.”  

John Sullivan

VP of Sales, NormShield CyberSecurity



Kevin Mahoney

Kevin Mahoney


U.S. Navy

Over 25 years of IT Federal sale & marketing experience. Seven successful software and hardware start-ups with dramatic revenue growth in all companies. 

Jimmy Severson

Jimmy Severson


U.S. Marine Corps

Over 15 years of Federal sales experience closing millions of dollars as both a reseller, OEM, and a contractor. While working for a reseller In 2011, closed the largest single Federal contract for $159 million for the US Army BAT program. 

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