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Sanctum Federal is a full service Federal Sales consulting firm. We specialize in assisting cyber security companies to expand their products and services into the Federal market.

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Continuing Resolution








Washington, September 28, 2018 – Minibus + Continuing Resolution enacted into law

The President today signed an Appropriations “minibus” funding bill which includes:

  1. The Department of Defense (DOD),
  2. The Labor, Health and Human Services (LHHS),
  3. The Education Appropriations bills for fiscal year 2019, and
  4. A short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) to temporarily fund remaining government programs until December 7, 2018.

The legislation signed today also includes a short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep the federal government open and operational until all the remaining Appropriations bills can be signed into law. This extension will run until December 7, 2018, and covers the areas of the federal government not covered by this minibus or prior Appropriations legislation that the President signed into law on September 21. Negotiations on the rest of the funding bills are currently ongoing.

NOTE: This is also the first time in over 20 years that Congress has passed a LHHS bill prior to the end of the fiscal year, and the first time in over 10 years it has passed a DOD bill prior to the end of the fiscal year.



As businesses seek to find and grow their traditional “LOGOs”, the Federal market can provide an enormous growth opportunity. Sanctum Federal has developed and executed a proven Federal sales methodology that provides companies using Venture Capitalist funding to quickly expand and capture Federal revenue. Why is this important?:

  1. Revenue generation plan and execution
  2. Effectiveness/efficiency/resource management of company assets
  3. Risk, cost and time containment

Sanctum Federal provides the Why, How, When, What and WIN to any company either beginning to sell into the Federal market or trying to understand how it can grow revenue better, smarter and faster.




Where to be laser focused with sales.


Fully understanding all associated costs in entering the Federal Market


How to obtain the correct Federal Product Certifications

Market Strategy

Developing a complete Federal market strategy

Buying cycles

Understanding the Federal Buying Cycles


Using the correct Federal terminology to target customers


Total Federal Government IT Spend

Fortune 10 (Combined) IT Spend

In 2015 the Fortune 10 spent approximately $75 billion on Information Technology while the U.S. Federal Market spent over $85 billion on Information Technology. There is enormous revenue potential to companies that know how to capture it.



Kevin Mahoney has assisted me with building a highly successful Federal business for two past companies that I have been associated. Sanctum Federal is now assisting my current company - Allure Security - build and operationalize my Federal Sales market. With their proven Federal sales methodology, I know our partnership will be highly successful as well.  

John Sullivan

VP of Sales, Allure Security



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Sanctum Federal has developed a proven Federal Sales methodology that encompasses every aspect of selling and closing business in the Federal market. By implementing our Federal business plan, our customers are generating millions of dollars of revenue annually. With our methodology we provide an understanding and a path to secure revenue from the Federal customer.



By fully understanding every aspect of the Federal Government and how this customer base buys information technology and related services. Our systematic and methodic process is straight forward. The Federal market has many intricacies that are not full apparent to a commercial company entering this vertical. Sanctum Federal can fully execute the custom developed Federal business plan to engage and operationalize a successful Federal practice for our customers.

Here are the services that we provide companies that want to be successful:

Federal Sales Plan

Using our proven methodology, we build a custom sales plan for each customer


Federal Contracts

We align your company with the correct Federal Procurement Strategies


Hiring Your Federal Team

We assist companies in hiring the right team for the right reason

Federal Marketing

We assist in developing the correct messaging to your Federal customer

Federal Partner Strategy

We assist in aligning the Customer to the Federal Contract to the correct Federal Partner


Federal Product Certifications

We assist in obtaining the correct Federal product certifications



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Sanctum Federal provides in-depth actionable Federal sales training for product sales and services specifically for the Federal market. There are thousands of sales training seminars that focus on the private sector customer. The Federal market and it's customers have ten different requirements that the private sector customer and your sales personnel do not have to contend with in building a successful and executable sales plan.

Sanctum Federal fully understands all aspects of the Federal market and customer. We have tailored this training to focus on how to build a tactical and strategical sales plan encompassing the Federal market including: Department of Defense, Civilian Agencies, Intelligence Community, Federal System Integrators and the Federal Resellers.


This five day training encompasses all facets of understanding how the government works through processing a Federal purchase order for the company.


This training two-three day course is designed for the seasoned Federal sales person. This course will assist in building a successful methodology and plan to build a pipeline in any Federal customer environment.



Kevin Mahoney NAVY

Kevin Mahoney NAVY


Over 25 years of IT Federal sale & marketing experience. Seven successful software, hardware start-ups, dramatic revenue growth in four other. Over $127 million in revenue generation in US Federal information technology

Jimmy Severson MARINES

Jimmy Severson MARINES

Managing Partner

Over 15 years of Federal sales experience closing millions of dollars as both a reseller, OEM, and a contractor. In 2011, led sales team to win companies single largest contract in their history. Single contract value as $159M for US US Army’s BAT program.

Russell Bibby ARMY

Russell Bibby ARMY


Over 15 years of Federal Experience as a consultant, customer and account manager. Responsible for over $200M in new revenue generation. Works with senior Federal Executives to solve programmatic civic needs.


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