Planning & Executing Your Federal Sales Process

Find New Federal Customers Fast

The hardest part of sales is finding the right leads. This hands-on module explains how to plan your marketing, sales, and partner efforts to uncover the right leads and start having conversations that convert. Topics include:
  • Total Addressable Market
  • Marketing, Sales & Partner Plans
  • The Science of Making Your Quota
  • Using The Territory Planning Tool
Gain tangible skills for mapping your territory and finding & documenting new leads within your whitespace. Finally, learn the business essentials you need to move a deal through the Federal buying cycle fast.
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Learn more about how to find Federal sales leads and close business quickly within the Federal market.


Learn how organizations apply the knowledge learned in our Federal Sales Certification Training.

Up to date and relevant content, teacher/student interaction, real situations discussions. Our instructor has been in the trenches and understands Federal sales! Best Federal sales course I have ever had! The course materials taught me how to navigate my Federal territory and find new customers.
I really enjoyed my experience throughout the duration of the Sanctum Federal course and utilize the knowledge everyday as a sales rep. I also owe you an additional thank you due to my success last September in closing my largest deal with Peterson Air Force Base. I was able to rely on what I learned through my training to successfully drive the opportunity from the time it was released until it was officially booked.
This is the best Federal product-based sales training I’ve seen in the market. This training helped me to understand every aspect of selling to the Federal market. This course includes all the tips and tricks of selling to the government, including the use of all the online tools available today. I would recommend every Federal iInside sales representative, including veteran Federal salespeople, take this course.

Preview Our OnDemand Federal Planning Module

This module of our Federal Sales Certification Training provides tactical skills for planning your Federal sales process and finding qualified Federal sales leads.

Preview Our OnDemand Federal Execution Module

This module of our Federal Sales Certification Training provides tactical skills for executing your Federal sales process and finding qualified Federal sales leads.

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Four modules cover key elements allowing you to succeed in the Federal market. View each module to learn more. And, if you’re ready to apply these elements to increase your pipeline, learn how in our Federal Sales Certification Training Course.
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Questions Answered in Class

Are You Driving Federal Sales Opportunities Efficiently?

How do you build a Federal territory plan?
We actually have an entire guide on how to build out your Federal territory plan.

It is a long but worthwhile read that outlines each of the elements we analyze, questions we ask as we digest the data, and the brainstorming framework that goes into developing the best path forward. You can read the guide here.
What job functions need to be involved in the Federal sales initiative?
The Federal sales role requires a lot of support, and you need your entire Federal team on board to reach the highest level of success. Specifically, your team should include:
  • Inside sales
  • Outside sales
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Executive team
  • Partners
What are the Federal business essentials?
At some point in every Federal sales process, you will need to provide some, if not all, of these codes to your Federal customer:
  • CAGE
  • FSC
  • UEI
  • SAM
What tools are available for locating Federal sales prospects?
You can find potential prospects through government sites such as or an agency's website, especially through their organizational charts. You can also use commercial sites such as LinkedIn and Seamless.AI to find potential government contacts.

Learn more about finding contacts and potentials Federal sales opportunities in this guide.