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Sanctum Federal has developed a proven Federal Sales methodology that encompasses every aspect of selling and closing business in the Federal market. By implementing our Federal business plan, our customers are generating millions of dollars of revenue annually. With our methodology we provide an understanding and a path to secure revenue from the Federal customer.

Federal Sales Planning

Sanctum Federal will help develop your company a customized Federal Business Plan to quickly generate revenue from the Federal market. This plan will detail six strategic areas of focus to grow your Federal business. These include:

  1. Federal marketing plan
  2. Federal product certification plan
  3. Federal sales hiring plan
  4. Federal Reseller / Partner plan
  5. One year revenue plan
  6. Three year revenue goal plan

With this detailed plan, you will receive a revenue / cost breakeven point analysis for you to truly understand both the fixed and variable costs associated in creating a Federal sales practice.

Hiring your Federal sales team

Sanctum Federal will assist you in hiring highly qualified Federal sales personnel. With our 25 years in Federal sales, we developed a extremely effective screening process specifically targeted to hire the most qualified candidates to join your sales team. We can use your company’s recruiters or our own recruiting network to quickly locate candidates. We assist hiring:

  • Vice President Federal Sales
  • Federal Territory Managers
  • Federal Inside Sales Managers
  • Federal Pre-sales Engineers
  • Federal marketing personnel
  • Federal Channel / Reseller / Partner personnel

Federal Partner Strategy

Sanctum Federal will assist you in developing your entire Federal partner / reseller / channel program. We have specific targeted successful strategies to close Federal revenue by aligning your products and services with your Federal customers to the appropriate Federal resellers who hold the Federal contract vehicles.  Since nearly 98 percent of all information technology product related sales in the Federal market are closed using Federal contact vehicles, we concentrate on how the Federal customer buys these types of goods and services. We can assist you in:
  • Developing a successful Federal channel program
  • Create a Federal channel agreement with Federal flow-downs
  • Review your Federal customer targets
  • Analyze the Federal contract vehicles those Federal customers use to buy products and services
  • Engage with Federal resellers best suited to sell your products and services
  • Align the Federal Customer to Contract Vehicle to Federal reseller to your company revenue

Federal Product Certifications

Sanctum Federal will assist you in developing a plan, if needed, to successfully obtain Federal product certifications. We use our base of consultants to provide you a complete end to end cost analysis and time frame to each certification. These certifications include:

  • FedRAMP Plus
  • National Information Assurance Program (NIAP)
  • Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 FIPS 140-2
  • Risk Management Framework (RMF)
  • Defense Information Security Agency – Approved Product List (DISA-APL)
  • Section508 compliance

Federal Marketing Plan

Sanctum Federal will assist you in developing an entire Federal marketing plan to successfully target your Federal customers. We will analyze your current marketing strategies for your commercial enterprise customers and “Federalize” that content. The Federal market has it’s own “Federal Speak”. We will help you develop Federal content that speaks to the Federal customer requirements and policies that govern their decision making to procure goods and services. 

With this detailed plan, you will receive a revenue / cost breakeven point analysis for you to truly understand both the fixed and variable costs associated in creating a Federal marketing plan.

Federal Territory Planning

Sanctum Federal has created a Federal sales planning capability that quickly develops your Federal revenue pipeline. Our  highly successful revenue planning capabilities was developed to help companies to quickly and efficiently generate a Total Addressable Market or “Whitespace ” to understand where to target your products and services. This process also provides lead lists with Federal customers names, phone numbers and email addresses for Federal sales personnel to qualify opportunities and add those to the pipeline and close real revenue. 


By fully understanding every aspect of the Federal Government and how this customer base buys information technology and related services. Our systematic and methodic process is straight forward. The Federal market has many intricacies that are not fully apparent to a commercial company entering this market. Sanctum Federal can fully execute the custom developed Federal business plan to engage and operationalize a successful Federal practice for our customers.

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