A Territory Sales Plan Template is a tool that allows you to quickly visualize your Total Addressable Market and understand where to focus your efforts to grow your pipeline. When it comes to Federal Government sales, your Territory Sales Plan should encompass the entire Federal market, broken down by your current customers, pipeline customers and target customers. When maintained properly, this tool provides a detailed look at where your organization stands today in its capture of the Federal Market. Through the Federal Sales Certification Training course, we approach the Territory Sales Plan through the lens of our Territory Planning Tool (TPT).

How To Build An Effective Territory Sales Plan Template?

A valuable Federally-focused Territory Sales Plan allows you to see opportunities for growth at a quick glance. To do this, your plan should include:

  • A detailed listing of ALL Federal Government Agencies and Offices you could potentially sell into.
  • Contact information pertaining to the Federal customer
  • Associated Federal Reseller and contract vehicles used for purchasing
  • A color-coded system to distinguish between Office/Agencies that are current/pipeline customers and those that have not been prospected yet.
  • Documentation of ALL opportunities past, present and future not just the ones you, as an individual sales rep, actively prospected or sold.

When it comes to Federal Government sales, listing ALL of the Federal departments, agencies and offices is key since buying opportunities are often targeted to smaller departments within a larger agency. If you don't list out every department within every agency, then you will be missing out on opportunities to visualize your whitespace. Similarly, by not listing out ALL opportunities regardless of the sales rep who worked them, you will also be missing out on opportunities to quickly visualize how to approach your pipeline.

Once you have the template built, you need to add in all of the information pertaining to the agencies within your territory and our guide, What Is Total Addressable Market And How To Identify Whitespace To Increase Your Sales, can show you how to do that.

Start Mapping Your Federal Sales Territory

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How To Use A Territory Planning Tool As A Federal Sales Manager

When it comes to managing a Federal Sales Team, a sales territory planning tool is vital as it allows you to:

  • Assign territories fairly with equal opportunity among your sales reps
  • Coach individual reps based on the opportunity they have within their individual territories and past contract vehicles or resellers previously used to close business for any of their customers.
  • Visualize whitespace to determine new Federal department or agencies to pursue as a team
  • Strategically hire based on your opportunity areas

Imagine leading a Federal Sales Team and knowing that to continue to grow your revenue you need to hire an additional sales rep but more so than that you know exactly what territory you want to give that rep to work so you narrow your search by focusing on reps experienced with selling into those Federal agencies and departments already? How much faster would your onboarding process be? This is just one way an up-to-date TPT can be used to help you.

How To Use A Territory Planning Tool As A Federal Sales Rep

There is a saying we regularly use here at Sanctum Federal and that is "time is the only thing we can't make more of." While a lot of time goes into building your TPT for the first time, it pales in comparison to the amount of time saved when you use it to find new sales opportunities down the line.

Need to grow your pipeline to stay on your sales target? Quickly look for the whitespace in your TPT to start prospecting.

Got a new opportunity with a past customer and want to streamline the buying process? Reference the previous contract vehicle and reseller used to close the business in the past and verify those are still the best avenues to pursue.

An effective Federal Sales Territory Plan will allow you to focus more time on selling and less time spent trying to determine where you should go next to build your business.

Learn How To Use Our TPT To Build An Effective Territory Sales Plan For Your Team!

Register now for our OnDemand Federal Sales Certification Training course! The Execution module of our course covers everything you need to know about:

  • Creating an effective Territory Sales Plan Template
  • Generating new leads using free and paid tools based on your whitespace
  • Qualifying those leads to close more business from the Federal Government