Entering the Federal market can be very frustrating for new federal salespeople. Between learning Federal speak, navigating the Government fiscal year, understanding contract vehicles and more, it can be an overwhelming experience to say the least. Specifically, generating sales leads in the B2G market can be frustrating primarily because of the lack of B2G specific tools available.

Despite what many outsiders may think, selling to the Federal Governm

ent is not limited to RFQ and RFP responses. Government representatives can also make purchases under $25,000 without going to bid or award sole source contracts of a larger amount if the solution is very unique without competition in the marketplace. This sales process can be a lot easier and less competitive than through traditional contracting methods, however, the hurdle lies in finding the right people to sell to. This article will dive into a few tools for generating B2G sales leads so you can effectively sell directly to the Federal customer. It is important to note, before you dive into finding new B2G leads you need to know the internal workings of the Federal system so you can effectively prospect these leads for potential business. This guide can help you understand the broad elements of an effective federal sales plan: How To Sell To The Federal Government.

4 Tools For Generating B2G Sales Leads

If you have been in commercial sales even briefly, you are likely aware of the many, many tools readily available to help you find more leads. These tools and CRMs while great for a commercial salesperson often can't apply directly to the Federal market. There are, however, a few tools that can greatly aid in your Federal sales prospecting efforts.

1. FedSales Tracker

As mentioned previously, there are not many great CRMs for a Federal salesperson. Your leading CRMs such as Salesforce and HubSpot are awesome for the commercial sector but require a ton of customization for organizing it toward the Federal market. This is why we have begun development on the FedSalesTracker tool. This tool is a cloud-based application designed to help companies visually understand their territory and direct their efforts for uncovering new B2G sales leads. FedSalesTracker helps to plan, track, build and effectively manage federal markets, federal territory, and whitespace.

FedSales Tracker app will open up a new view for federal territory managers as they see their territories in a new and exciting way. Its features are:

  • Import current customers and pipelines.
  • Build new territories using government locations.
  • Available anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Plan out customer strategy by quarter and annually.

FedSalesTracker Pros:

  • Instantly discover and locate problems.
  • Whitespace visibility for territories.
  • Build, execute, and track business plans.
  • Easily track Federal sales business plans.

FedSalesTracker Evolved From Our Territory Planning Tool (TPT)

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2. Leadership Connect

Leadership Connect is an awesome tool for finding the right people at federal, state, and local government organizations. Ideally, federal salespeople will use FedSalesTracker or a similar TPT tool to visualize their whitespace and uncover the agencies or departments to prospect next. Once they have that list, then they can go to Leadership Connect and find the contact information for people within those target agencies.

Leadership Connect Pros:

  • Data syncs automatically to your CRM through API or native HubSpot, Salesforce and Marketo integrations
  • Organization charts up to 16 layers
  • Continuous information monitoring to ensure data is accurate and up to date

3. Bloomberg Government

Bloomberg Government offers a great tool for uncovering government contracting opportunities and potential teaming relationships. While this doesn't directly help you find opportunities for direct federal government sales, it does help you find the right people to kickstart your prospecting efforts within a specific agency. Additionally, it can help you identify potential partners already doing business with a particular agency that may be open to a reseller relationship.

Bloomberg Government Pros:

  • Powerful keyword searching
  • Insightful market intelligence
  • Potential teaming opportunities

4. Outreach & Other B2B Tools

While this post is specifically for B2G sales, some available B2B tools offer powerful platforms that may work for building your pipeline. These tools are similar to Leadership Connect and provide sales intelligence designed to generate sales quicker. Popular B2B sales tools include:

Learn How To Use These Tools & More For Generating Sales Leads!

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