Federal Sales Articles

Thank you for visiting our Federal Sales Articles. We will cover many different and interesting elements in regard to selling products and product related services to the Federal market. In future articles, we will be interviewing many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Federal resellers and Federal Government personnel to gain their aspects and expectations of selling into the Federal market. I hope you enjoy reading them. Please provide feedback it will be much appreciated.

Building a Successful Federal “Product” Sales Practice – By Kevin Mahoney, CEO, Sanctum Federal
‘During these unprecedented times, information technology product companies may be feeling the pain of decreased revenue and dwindling pipeline from your commercial enterprise sales teams. Not to be depressing, but it is …”

Five Important Factors in Setting C-Level Personnel Expectations in Federal Sales – By Kevin Mahoney, CEO, Sanctum Federal
The Federal Market has its own unique sales cycle and requirements if you are going to successfully close business. The Federal acquisition model ….

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