Federal Sales Certification Training

Give Your Sales Team The Training They Need To Impact Revenue Immediately.

The Federal Sales Certification Training course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a better federal sales professional or learning about the federal sales process. Whether you work in the operations department or have spent years selling to the Federal Government, this course offers you the tools and techniques you need to sell more.

This class will instruct you how to use a continually refined, Federal Sales methodology. This methodology has helped companies generate millions of dollars in revenue from a Federal customer base our training can be delivered 1) Via one of our monthly classes, 2) at a corporate team meeting, or 3) online via our On-Demand Training portal. During our training we focus on four key areas:

  1. Territory
  2. Money
  3. Plan
  4. Execution

Some of our valued Clients

This is the best Federal product-based sales training I’ve seen in the market. This training helped me to understand every aspect of selling to the Federal market. This course includes all the tips and tricks of selling to the government, including the use of all the online tools available today. I would recommend every Federal Inside Sales Representative including veteran Federal salespeople take this course.
Chris Whalen
VP of Sales, Epiq Solutions



  • DURATION: 30-days access
  • CLASS TYPE: Online, self paced
  • BOOKS: Student Guides (2) per student
  • COST: $1,400 per student



  • INSTRUCTION: In-Person or Virtual
  • DURATION: 2 days
  • CLASS TYPE: Instructor-led
  • BOOKS: Student Guides (2) per student
  • COST: $3,000 per student
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