Federal Sales Services

Sanctum Federal provides companies customized Federal Sales Services across a broad range of capabilities needed to successfully develop and the execute a Federal Sales Plan. Though a company may want only specific services, the Federal Sales Plan still requires all required areas of the business plan to be completed by Sanctum Federal or the customer to execute flawlessly. Sanctum Federal will provide you with a map and the very specific flow of Federal Government funds to your Company for closing Federal revenue.

Here are the areas we will assist:

Your Federal Sales Plan


This methodology quickly generates short-term revenue while establishing long-term revenue planning

Methodology includes developing and executing:

  • Federal Addressable Market – Where to concentrate my attention on Federal market
  • Federal Sales Initiatives and Closing Revenue – High impact meetings with Federal customers
  • Federal Marketing – Focused message to the Federal customer
  • Federal Channel Development – Aligned Federal contract vehicles with customers
  • Federal System Integrators – Business Development – long-term
  • Federal Product Certifications – Getting through the Federal certification processes
  • Federal Contracting – How money flows through the Federal procurement system

Federal Marketing Plan

The Federal market and their customers have their own terminology. We assist in converting and creating customized marketing collateral focused on the Federal market and customers. The marketing messaging provides a single consistent message to the Federal customer includes Federal content for:

  • Show booths,
  • Marketing collateral,
  • Email campaigns,
  • Presentations and
  • Demonstrations

Federal Partner Strategy

Our Federal Partner strategy assists in the alignment of the Federal customer, contract vehicles and the Federal partner needed for the procurement of a company’s products and services.

Federal Product Certifications

When a company enters the Federal market, certain products may requirement one or many Federal certifications that would allow the Federal customer to install those products on the Federal customer network environment. Should the company product be cloud based it may need to FEDRamp certification. We assist with the evaluation and determination of the products and provide our clients the path forward with costs and timeframes for each required certification. We then assist in moving those products through the required certification processes.

Federal Hiring Plan

For a company to successfully enter the Federal market, the right people to execute is critical. These individuals should intimately know the Federal market. Our hiring plan assists in identifying the correct personnel to execute your Federal sales plan.

Federal Tactical Sales Pipeline

The first year is critical to the overall success in building Federal revenue for years to come. Depending upon when a company decides to execute and enter the Federal market, expectations to the company’s executives need to be correctly managed for then revenue will be closed. We assist in building and managing this pipeline for the company.

Federal Strategic Sales Pipeline

A Federal Strategic sales plan goes beyond a current Government Fiscal Year budget process. This plan identifies long-term Federal program requirements which a company could work with Federal System Integrators and Federal customers to add their products and services to multi-year contracts. We also assist in building, identifying and working with the Federal System Integrators and Federal customers to add a company’s to these programs.